Eurufly Towers

The Proposed EuruFly Tower is a complete luxury eco-system, which compromises state-of-the-art Hotels, restaurants and lounging, lodging, car rental, businesses, exchanges, banking, luxury condominiums and beauty shops, creative spa, and fitness center, offices, and a flight academy. 

The Tower in partnership with B2B/B2C companies will be open to easy the travel, stay, and leisure experience of luxury clients but gives EuruFly club member’s exclusive opportunity to own suits in the tower, get discounts when shopping in the ecosystem. 

It is designed as a haven for customers to do business meetups and enjoy exotic wine, organic drinks, and meals before or after flight schedules. It will be a bedrock for networking and engaging in luxury that creates leverage. The Eurufly Tower will have a gross total of 700,196 usable sq.ft

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Airshare Token

The “EuruFly Air share token” was incorporated into the EuruFly Business Model because of the function of the token.

It offers the business model a unique value proposition, namely “A share in all the air travel assets, being it seats from various airlines, jets, “Electric Air taxis” and or all the various service offerings on the EuruFly Ecosystem.

t is like a “prepaid voucher” that has its own “transactional value” upon the various “blockchain” technologies of the day. This “transactional value” of the coin increase with the growth of EuruFly`s income due to a unique “share portion” of the income that “boosts” the value of the token each time a transaction takes place on the blockchain.

Eurufly Air Share Token (EASTCOIN), using proof-of-travel token standard, which fixed to USD off the secured Ethereum Blockchain